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Recent programs (all domains) 1-5 of 388 < > Action_refresh_blue
Name User Created Disk usage #runs Status Rating Task type
boostexter 150r no-awk chuertas 62d9h ago 75K 13 checked 62 MulticlassClassification
boostexter 500r no-awk chuertas 65d17h ago 75K 17 checked 62 MulticlassClassification
boostexter no-awk chuertas 67d9h ago 75K 21 checked 56 MulticlassClassification
LR-sbc-nbr f72 chuertas 105d16h ago 21K 3 checked MulticlassClassification
LR-sbc-nbr f64 chuertas 105d16h ago 21K 3 checked MulticlassClassification

Recent datasets (all domains) 1-5 of 798 < > Action_refresh_blue
Name User Created << Disk usage Rating Format Status #runs Best error Best program
deft-sentiment Veovis 2d5h ago 186M 10 MulticlassClassification processed 7 0.302 bonzaiboost-n1000-d1
Rest in peace chuertas 28d15h ago 56K 107 Regression processed 35 4255595704867 SimpleLinearRegression_weka_numeric
Eye without 0 chuertas 28d17h ago 26M 18 MulticlassClassification processed 32 0.431 LogitBoost_weka_nominal
Ot Products chuertas 34d18h ago 5M 55 MulticlassClassification processed 83 0.198 RotationForest_weka_nominal
clef_run devanshujain919 35d4h ago 859K SequenceTagging processed 1

Recent runs (all domains) 1-5 of 22841 < > Action_refresh_blue
ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated << Status Total time Memory Error
Run #39342 liblinear-s6-B1 letter-recognition no artrey 17h40m ago done 7m39s 45M 0.617
Run #39341 IBk_weka_nominal binary-sample no artrey 17h55m ago running
Run #39318 HmbFS-t1.5 +bb200x2 deft-sentiment no chuertas 1d19h ago done 16m48s 1468M 0.323
Run #39306 LogitBoost_weka_nominal deft-sentiment no Veovis 2d1h ago done 2h2m 1376M 0.404
Run #39307 SMO_weka_nominal deft-sentiment no Veovis 2d3h ago done 1h12m 1376M 0.317