[Notice: On March 1, 2017, after 7 years of promoting openness and standardization in machine learning evaluation and executing people's arbitrary code, we are finally retiring MLcomp. However, all the public code and data will be migrated to CodaLab Worksheets, a much more flexible and powerful successor to MLcomp. If you have private code/data, you can migrate it yourself or make it public. Thanks to everyone who participated! The spirit of MLcomp will still live on in CodaLab.]

MLcomp is a free website for objectively comparing machine learning programs across various datasets for multiple problem domains.
Do a comprehensive evaluation of your new algorithm.
Upload your program and run it on existing datasets. Compare the results with those obtained by other programs.
Find the best algorithm (program) for your dataset.
Upload your dataset and run existing programs on it to see which one works best.
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Recent programs (all domains) 1-5 of 389 < > Action_refresh_blue
Name User Created Disk usage #runs Status Rating Task type
Sajib-binary-unweighted sajib44new 1y159d ago 1M 17 checked 42 BinaryClassification
boostexter 150r no-awk chuertas 1y249d ago 75K 3 checked MulticlassClassification
boostexter 500r no-awk chuertas 1y252d ago 75K 5 checked MulticlassClassification
boostexter no-awk chuertas 1y254d ago 75K 5 checked MulticlassClassification
LR-sbc-nbr f72 chuertas 1y292d ago 21K 3 checked MulticlassClassification

Recent datasets (all domains) 1-5 of 796 < > Action_refresh_blue
Name User Created << Disk usage Rating Format Status #runs Best error Best program
test2016-08-10 wkq278276130 75d3h ago 6K WordSegmentation processed 0
123 wenhongrui 75d5h ago 10K WordSegmentation processed 0
bigdata wer 80d0h ago 20M DocumentClassification processed 2
documentdata wer 80d0h ago 782B DocumentClassification processed 1 0 icsiboost-bigram
segdata wer 80d3h ago 126K WordSegmentation processed 2 0.974 word-segmentation-separate

Recent runs (all domains) 1-5 of 22957 < > Action_refresh_blue
ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated << Status Total time Memory Error
Run #47137 liblinear-s6-B1 binary-sample no iceberg3696 4d20h ago done 12s 49M 0
Run #47136 jjariyas-svdj-r movielens1m no admin 4d21h ago done 35m3s 423M 1.05
Run #47133 jjariyas-svdj-r movielens1m no admin 4d22h ago done 35m10s 423M 1.05
Run #47135 jjariyas-svdj-r OnlineLearningMulticlass no admin 4d22h ago done 21s 417M 0.182
Run #47134 jjariyas-svdj-r WordSegmentationData no admin 4d23h ago done 23s 423M 0.002