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Recent programs (all domains) 1-5 of 327 < > Action_refresh_blue
Name User Created Disk usage #runs Status Rating Task type
ReliefF +bB chuertas 5h51m ago 9M 22 checked 59 MulticlassClassification
Fcbf +bB chuertas 5h51m ago 9M 22 checked 54 MulticlassClassification
Chi2 +bB chuertas 5h52m ago 9M 22 checked 64 MulticlassClassification
HmbFS SF chuertas 5d5h ago 8M 19 checked 60 MulticlassClassification
HmbFS S1 chuertas 7d10h ago 8M 300 checked 66 MulticlassClassification

Recent datasets (all domains) 1-5 of 681 < > Action_refresh_blue
Name User Created << Disk usage Rating Format Status #runs Best error Best program
example 1 ssnef 2d20h ago 1M BinaryClassification processed 2 0.028 svmlight_multiclass-linear
webkb123 hari 7d1h ago 1M WordSegmentation processed 0
Ovarian Cancer (IS2) chuertas 10d7h ago 191K MulticlassClassification processed 3 0.047 liblinear-s6-B1
Ovarian Cancer (IS) chuertas 10d9h ago 98K MulticlassClassification processed 1 0.109 liblinear-s6-B1
rt pratha 11d4h ago 210B MulticlassClassification processed 0

Recent runs (all domains) 1-5 of 20011 < > Action_refresh_blue
ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated << Status Total time Memory Error
Run #34874 HmbFS S1 twitter gender ID no chuertas 1d15h ago running 1d15h 1488M
Run #34939 ReliefF +bB EuUnexamples000 no chuertas 3h47m ago running 3h47m 1455M
Run #34941 Fcbf +bB ro-lts no chuertas 3h36m ago running 3h36m 1450M
Run #34921 ReliefF +bB arabic no chuertas 14m13s ago done 2h14m 1460M 0.591
Run #34940 Chi2 +bB ro-lts no chuertas 16m37s ago done 3h20m 1450M 0.024