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Recent programs (all domains) 1-5 of 389 < > Action_refresh_blue
Name User Created Disk usage #runs Status Rating Task type
Sajib-binary-unweighted sajib44new 1y73d ago 1M 16 checked 42 BinaryClassification
boostexter 150r no-awk chuertas 1y163d ago 75K 3 checked MulticlassClassification
boostexter 500r no-awk chuertas 1y166d ago 75K 5 checked MulticlassClassification
boostexter no-awk chuertas 1y167d ago 75K 5 checked MulticlassClassification
LR-sbc-nbr f72 chuertas 1y206d ago 21K 3 checked MulticlassClassification

Recent datasets (all domains) 1-5 of 790 < > Action_refresh_blue
Name User Created << Disk usage Rating Format Status #runs Best error Best program
test-rutegrs babaks 15d8h ago 255B Regression processed 0
mytest sphinx 35d13h ago 56M 2 BinaryClassification processed 6 0.479 liblinear-s6-B1
ecommerce-classification-dataset chetanj9 105d19h ago 168B DocumentClassification processed 0
sansan anokas 127d7h ago 40M BinaryClassification processed 3 0 HmbFS-t1.0 +bb200x2
qs-rank-1 cburford 127d10h ago 49K BinaryClassification processed 1 0.235 svmlight-poly2

Recent runs (all domains) 1-5 of 22923 < > Action_refresh_blue
ID Program Dataset Tuned hyper. User Updated << Status Total time Memory Error
Run #46592 dictionary-method-language 20news-18828 no qmoret 8d17h ago done 2m17s 1167M 0.947
Run #46352 Sajib-binary-unweighted mytest no sphinx 35d11h ago done 22s 59M 0.493
Run #46351 RVM15 mytest no sphinx 35d11h ago done 6m33s 603M 0.507
Run #46350 svmlight-poly2 mytest no sphinx 35d11h ago done 1h22m 113M 0.481
Run #46349 svmlight-linear mytest no sphinx 35d12h ago done 4m35s 52M 0.480